Saturday, January 28, 2006

Presents are Good

I got my bag in the mail today from Regan--it's even greater than it looks in the forbidden picture below!

Speaking of presents, here's the sweater I made for my sister for her birthday:

Teri's Pullover

And, just because I'm all sorts of magnanamous (or because I had leftover yarn--you decide), here's a bonus hat for Julie:

Julie's Hat

I'm going to start socks now. I mean RIGHT now. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

beginning and endings

I started a sock last night!

I was going to do a pattern from knitpicks where you did both socks at the same time using 2 size 3 circular needles. But NOBODY SELLS any that aren't bamboo. and I wanted metal.

So I just picked up some size 3 dpns and then flipped through my new book," Sensational knitted socks" (my order from crafter's choice came in!) and found a pattern marked easy that I could use my knitpicks yarn and size 3 dpns.

I picked one that uses the "easy toe" method (you start with the toes) and used a beaded rib pattern.


more sock

annnnnnnnnnnnnnd...Aimee's gift is finished!

So Aimee, if you want to be surprised, do NOT scroll down, OK?

are you scrolling??

shame on you!

dammit Aimee!!!

OK, if you don't want it to be a surprise....


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What do you think?

I just ordered the pattern for this top.

I didn't order the yarn, though. I thought I might substitute another yarn. Something without mohair to SNAG ON MY NEEDLES!

I was thinking this yarn from knitpicks, in hollyberry. It has close to the same gauge, and I can adjust the needle size if neccessary.

What do you think? Do-able? Or did I just waste $8?


Cross-posted on my blog. You know, just in case I missed a reader.

Two days ago, I started down the path to total insanity. Yesterday, I went a little further. What was this path and who led me down it? Blame the Yarn Harlot. That's right, Steph came up with the crazy scheme of having a Knitting Olympics, and hundreds of us followed her, lemming-like, over the cliff. I guess this answers my mother's old question, "If everyone else jumped off the bridge, would you?". Yes, mom. Apparently I would.

So what are the Knitting Olympics? I'm copying directly from Steph here:

"Eligibility: Any knitter who, embracing the "Citius, Alitius Fortius" ideal, would like to challenge themselves while embracing the Olympic spirit, and is just whacked enough to play along with me.

Concept: You must cast on a project during the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics (Feb 10)- and finish before the Olympic flame goes out (Feb 26). That's 16 days.

1. The project must be a challenge for you to complete in 16 days.
2. There are no rules about what a challenge would be. Like the real Olympics, there are many areas to compete in. If you are a new knitter, then a garter stitch baby sweater might do...If you are experienced, well. I've already considered Torino. Use your own conscience.
3. While this is intended to be somewhat difficult (like the Olympics) it is not intended to ruin your life. Don't set yourself up for failure. (Olympic athletes may cry, but they do not whine pitifully, sob and threaten members of their family with pointed sticks because they haven't slept in five days. ) This is intended to (like the Olympics) require some measure of sacrifice, and be difficult, but it should be possible to attain.
4. No casting on before the flame is lit.
5. Finish before the flame goes out.
6. You may swatch before the games. (I consider this "training.")

The Knitting Olympics has only a gold medal. (There is only do- or do not.) Finishers get a gold medal button for their blog, their name entered into a draw for a chance at a prize from me, and the joy of knowing that they are an Olympic level knitter, no matter how experienced they are. You are only competing against yourself. (Well. And the Olympic schedule.)

Who's in?
If you're just crazy enough itching to be part of the Knitting Winter Olympics, leave a comment (or send an email) telling me who you are, what you're knitting and a link, if you have one. I'll list you in the sidebar. Consider carefully. Done right, this will suck up 16 days of your life and be an epic work."

I ask you, how could I pass this up? I threw my name in the ring (or Goblet, as the case may be) immediately. I've noticed lately that days go by without me knitting, and that's not good. I have a knitting deadline for a project I'm working on, and I'm still not knitting! Obviously what I need is a challenge. And what could be more challenging than the Faroese Peaks shawl that was supposed to be my mother's Christmas present but is currently stuck at row 17 in my knitting bag?

That's right. For 16 days in February, the Faroese Fuhgeddaboudit is going to be my life. I'm hopeful. When I gave up on it before, it was because other Christmas knitting got in the way. I also had never done lace before, so the whole thing was new and confusing. But since then, I have not only done lace, but I've done lace in mohair. If I can survive Kermit, I can survive this. And if all goes according to plan and I medal, Mom will get her Christmas present when she comes up for the Queen + Paul Rodgers concert in March.

So here goes. I've joined the US Lace Team and will be competing in the Shawl division. USA! USA! USA!

Image hosted by

Monday, January 16, 2006

Finally, 2 things done

First, here is the hat and glove set I made for Lovie (that's my sister Teri as the model):

Lovisa's Hat & Mittens

It's the softest yarn EVER! I can't wait for her up-close-and-personal review.

Secondly, this is what I made for Julie. I'm sending the package tomorrow. Julz--if you don't want to know ahead of time, DO NOT SCROLL DOWN! (Oh, and avoid my flickr site, too.)

Julie's Sweater

Monday, January 09, 2006


I'm making a hat and mittens for our Canadian friend, Tot. I finished the hat last night and agonized over the mittens off and on today. Imagine my surprise when I actually started them today and discovered they're pretty easy and the directions make more sense than I thought once I actually started doing it.


I'll post a hat pic soon and a mitten picture as well, if they continue going as quickly and as pleasantly. Hee hee.

Julz, I'll probably only go to the post office once to mail both your and Lovie's packages, so hang in another week, mkay? ;)


I like knitting socks. I just had to share that. I'm only in the middle of my first sock, but I'm hooked. There are about five million stitches involved in each one, but the rounds go fast and you get to new sections frequently so it's like "Yay! Progress!" Top - done, leg - done, heel flap - done, turning heel - done, foot - mostly done. It's nice. Unlike scarves. Scarves suck. The same fucking thing over and over and over ad nauseum unless you've decided to make a striped scarf. I'm beginning to think knitters do scarves just so anything they do after the scarf will seem fun and exciting.

The upshot of this less-than-coherent post: Socks, good. Scarves, baaaaaad.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Meet the knitgeeks

Aimee asked me if I'd make some "evilchicks" for us like I have on my blog. Hooray! I likes making the evil chicks. See if you can guess who is who (and no fair clicking on the buttons on the sidebar. that's cheating!)

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Don't you hate it when

you order a different yarn than the pattern calls for, not realizing how close a call it's going to be, then you end up being like an EIGHTH of a skein short?


My sister's birthday is tomorrow and I can't finish her present until I get another ball of yarn. From Knitpicks. MAN do I hope they can match the dye lot!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

useless scarf

Useless because it's been 60 degrees in atlanta lately.

I made this scarf with the same angora yarn I used to make my Chullo hat.

I liked the broken rib stitch that I used for my father's scarf so much, that I decided to use it for mine, but I added a garter stitch border to cut down on the curling.

ribbed and waffled
on the ironing board for blocking


I also added some fringe, which you can see a bit on the left there. Hopefully, it will get cold enough for me to use it before the season ends!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

2005 Knitting Wrap-Up

I taught myself to knit from this book last December because I was looking for something new to do, and this was relatively cheap. So I have logged almost exactly one year of knitting, minus most of July and August when it was too damn hot to knit. In that year, I have knit: one change purse, one purse, eight scarves, one iPod cozy, two devil hats, one beanie, and crocheted two afghans (I taught myself to crochet from a book last April). Seven of those projects have been completed since October, and most of them documented over on my blog. Here are the last four to be completed:

Autumn Afternoon Afghan pattern by Lion Brand Yarn in Deco and Colonial Homespun Yarn:

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban scarf in Cranberry and Gold colorways, Lion Brand Wool-Ease:

Image hosted by

Devil Hat from Stitch N Bitch in Ranch Red colorway Wool-Ease (modeled by an obliging reindeer):

Image hosted by

The Bitchy Beanie, pattern from Knitpicks, in Shine, cream colorway (modeled by Floyd the bear):

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Not half bad, if I do say so myself. Wanna see some happy recipients? Check this out.