Saturday, August 26, 2006

On the needles...

sock for ME!
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I got my mom's socks off this week - hopefully she got them today, as tomorrow is her birthday. Sorry no final picture - I literall finished them on the way to work and then mailed them from there.

I started taking the shuttle in, as I refuse to pay for a parking pass ($100 increase over last year) as I'm only going to be here for a few more months. Anyway, I've discovered the joys of knitting on a bus - a little bumpy, but it's a nice way to start and end the work day. Plus, I'm probably known as "that weird girl who knits and makes faces."

I started a pair of socks for ME. I bought this yarn at my LYS, and for the life of me, I can't find the label. I think it's called "socktastic" or something like that. A superwash wool/cotton/something else combo. Anyway, I don't remember ANYTHING on the lable saying that it was self striping. I started on my standard easy toe pattern, and noticed...hey...STRIPES! I had to take advantage. I ripped out the 3 inches I had started, and began knitting the chevron pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks, which was designed for self striping. This isn't a toe up pattern, so it'll be my first grownup socks knitted this way (the baby socks weren't toe first, but they were teeny tiny). I can't be nervous about running out of yarn, though, as I have 450 yards of it. w00t! Also, it calls for an "afterthought heel," which makes me nervous. I am DOWN with the short row heel, but I think it only works for the toe up patterns.

It's hard to see the chevron pattern so early in the process. There were two other chevron type patterns I could have chosen: one was too lacey for this yarn, IMHO, and one called "welt fantastic" which I REALLY liked...and almost tried...except it was a 12 row repeating pattern. No way would I be able to knit that on a bus or watching tv without starting at the chart. So the standard chevron it is - a 2 row pattern.

Monday, August 07, 2006

procrastinatorial FO's

I like making up words.

Dude, it's been so long since I've posted anything on a blogger blog, I almost forgot how. HA!

OK, so TECHNICALLY I have some UFOs. There is the infamous shawl, which I haven't touched in almost a year. There is also Knitty's Branching Out, which I started and stopped after repeated frogging, ripping, and angst. It LOOKS so easy...but it's not.

So Aimee was right - I knit in the evenings instead of write. BAD ME! But there ya go.

A peaches and cream washcloth, pattern from this site, in the "open stars" pattern.

cotton washcloth

I made some toddler sized socks for when I visit my friend Elizabeth this week. I had made the pinwheel blanket for her newborn Lily, but felt guilty for never having knitted her son, Dylan, anything. These are just out of cotton.

baby socks!

I made a little hedgehog from my Family Circle knit toys book - same one I got the pink pig pattern from. He's done in Caron simply soft and lion brand fun fur yarn.

hedgehog 2

And finally, my WIP - a gift for my mother: uhh...a knit elf condom.

weirdo looking sock

No really! It's a sock! There will eventually be two.
Pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks, the best sock book ever. The Easy Toe pattern, which I like because:

1. it's knit toe up, so you can make the most of what yarn you have
2. there's no toe seam to get caught between your big toe and your shoe, making a painful blister. OK, maybe only I have this problem with socks.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

UFO Meme

Okay, took this idea from Scout. Here are my current UFOs (Un-Finished Objects):

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Coronet, from the Winter '03 Knitty. This was my first project with cables, and all was well until I did the grafting to make the cabled headband bit. I did that inside out, and for reasons still unknown, made the damn thing worse by weaving in the ends. So I have to undo that and do it right. But it pissed me off enough that I threw it across the room first and haven't touched it since...I think April. Yeah.

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Twisted Cable Socks pattern from Knitpicks in Dancing - Ballet. I don't know how to count these. I started them in November, I think, and they were meant to be a nice project for me after all the Christmas knitting was done. I got through one of them and then started Regan's Jaywalkers, and these got pushed to the side. This is the second sock, and you can see I'm making progress - generally at Stitch n Bitch, because these are light enough to knit in a dark bar and still see the stitches. However, since I'm currently making Jaywalkers for myself from the "Thanks for the yarn!" yarn that Aimee (and Rick) got me, interest in these has waned. Because how many more damned twisted cables can I do? They're annoying.

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The Queen Mother of all UFOs, my mom's Faroese Peaks Shawl. Let's see, I got the yarn last September, told her it would be a Christmas present, but she told me to do everyone else's presents first. So then it was going to be my Knitting Olympics project, but it was so ginormous (increases on every other row) that it just didn't happen. Then it was going to be done for when I saw her in March. And then for Mother's Day. And then for her birthday. Now...maybe in time for my birthday as a thank you gift? I think my main problem with this is that huge, large portions of it are garter. And thus boring, in addition to ever-increasing. And when I finally get to the lace bits, I get all flustered and drop stuff and miss yarn overs, and...end up throwing it across the room. Stoopid shawl.

Okay, Aimee and Regan, it's your turn. Show us your UFOs!