Friday, March 24, 2006

socks are done!

socks are done!
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My socks are finally done! seriously, that last inch took the longest. I had moved on to other things. I decided to pick it up last night and not go to bed until it was DONE!

They are a tad bit big, so I might try to shrink them in some hot water.

wash cloth

wash cloth
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Made from some cotton Peaches and Cream, laying on top of my laptop to give some size perpective.

I got the pattern here.

it's the "chinese wave" pattern.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Impromptu Hat

Ok, here are pictures of the Impromptu Hat. I know 2 of you have already seen it, but we do have a couple of other readers here and I wanted to show it off.

For those of you who don’t know the back story, I started making the same baby blanket as the Evil Science one below, but my yarn wasn’t soft enough for a baby. Em saw me pulling it apart, popped it on her head, and asked if I could turn it into a hat for her—so I did. And there you have it.

(Please excuse the attitude.)


Monday, March 13, 2006

pinwheel baby blanket

baby blanket
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Here it is! almost done!

It curls up a bit on the sides. I tried a couple of rows of pearl to combat this, but I might have made it worse. oops. I'm hoping that after I sew the lace edge on, then block it (can you blow acrylic?) it will stop curling.

So what do you think? Too girly? just girly enough?

Monday, March 06, 2006


pinwheel baby blanket 2

The circulars are 29", and I'm already running out of room...and only a little over halfway done. whoops! got to squeeeeeeeze those stitches in. I have to keep a clip on the end of the needles to keep the stitches from shooting off when I'm not working on it!

still loving this yarn. Yarn snobs will turn up their nose at inexpensive acrylic. Yet I say...soft! pretty! yarn!!

Lace Edging

Hey Noodle--

The lace is 7-stitches, and 4 rows = one pattern.

This is the pattern repeated 4 times:

Lace Edging
(This is a sport weight yarn, knit with size 7 needles and it's about 2" wide--if you were taking a picture of anything else you'd knitted, it'd be turned sideways, Note where the needle is.)

So what you do is just knit it as long as you need to be, then sew it onto your blanket (or sweater, or whatever).

Saturday, March 04, 2006


my hands are claws. I can barely type this.

but I was on a ROLL!!!

this is one afternoon/evening's progress on the pinwheel baby blanket:

pinwheel baby blanket

the toughest parts were starting - dividing 5 stitches on to 3 needles, and then keeping them from twisting on you, and then again when it got too big for 4 needles, trying to transfer to the circulars with the stitches falling off the ends of the dpns.

but once it's on the circular...woohoo! take off!

it would get pretty monotonous with just the stockinette stitch, if I didn't add the stripes. the finished project will be 4 shades of pink - getting lighter from the center.

Anyone have a decorative knit edging I can do? I had to just bind it off and leave it at that.

But now...I really need to rest my claws.